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Lessons Learned Growing our Side Project to $20,000 in Revenue

The idea was simple. We thought that the web was missing an alternative to bloated and dry CRM incumbents. The web needed a CRM product that did its job, then got out of the way. With that, Stride was born. Since launch in mid-2012, we've generated $20,000 in subscription…

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Why You Need A Side Project

I wrote previously about the highs and lows of a side project, which was very much a cautionary tale. This time, I'm speaking more optimistically. As difficult as it is to make a side project successful -- whatever that means to you -- it pales in comparison to the benefits…

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The Highs and Lows of Side Projects

"I just want to build something again." My infamous last words behind the start of two side projects in the past two years. One was built during Rails Rumble, the other simply out of a love for the rush. The rush of creating, the rush of launching, the…

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Hi there, I'm Andrew. Welcome to my site. I'm an entrepreneur that loves the process of building and scaling companies.

This is where I share my journey and lessons learned, feel free to follow along. Read more →

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