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It’s called flow. That state of being present but unaware of the passage of time, unaware of your body. Your focus is on your objective. There’s complete immersion and excitement. Ten minutes. That's how long I've been staring into my screen trying to find the right words to…

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The Glorification of Busy

Productivity is an addicting thing. Having control over how much you can achieve is extremely gratifying. I'm obsessed. It's why I try to squeeze an extra two hours out of each day. Consider it a constant quest to make each day matter just a bit more than usual. But productivity…

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How I Made a 26-Hour Day

It's New Years Eve. Another year gone, another on the horizon. Around this time, you'll likely see posts on predictions and resolutions. I'll spare you that. Instead, I want to focus on the thing that prohibits our ability to reach our goals -- time. There's just not enough hours in…

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Hi there, I'm Andrew. Welcome to my site. I'm an entrepreneur that loves the process of building and scaling companies.

This is where I share my journey and lessons learned, feel free to follow along. Read more →

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