Seeking Adversity

Life rarely moves in a straight line. It moves unforgivingly through peaks and valleys, highs and lows. Your career is no different. When I first started my career in technology, at a fairly young age, I had a pretty clear picture of what I wanted my career trajectory to look…

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Lessons Learned Growing our Side Project to $20,000 in Revenue

The idea was simple. We thought that the web was missing an alternative to bloated and dry CRM incumbents. The web needed a CRM product that did its job, then got out of the way. With that, Stride was born. Since launch in mid-2012, we've generated $20,000 in subscription…

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It’s called flow. That state of being present but unaware of the passage of time, unaware of your body. Your focus is on your objective. There’s complete immersion and excitement. Ten minutes. That's how long I've been staring into my screen trying to find the right words to…

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Entrepreneurship and the Fallacy of Work-Life Balance

How do you deal with stress and life balance as an entrepreneur? This was the question posed on the latest Startup Edition thread. As I let the question rattle around, it seemed like a natural opportunity to expand on my previous post on avoiding burnout. So, here we are. The…

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Why You Need A Side Project

I wrote previously about the highs and lows of a side project, which was very much a cautionary tale. This time, I'm speaking more optimistically. As difficult as it is to make a side project successful -- whatever that means to you -- it pales in comparison to the benefits…

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Hi there, I'm Andrew. Welcome to my blog. I'm an entrepreneur that loves the process of building and scaling startup companies.

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